New Song! – Game of Gin

Fourth finger Hammer-on and Pull-off exercise

I’m going to start occasionally posting the things I’m working on on guitar. Hopefully this might help you as well while you’re stuck at home and trying to improve your chops.

This exercise works your fourth finger, while doing both hammers and pulls, and alternates between incorporating the third and second fingers in the motion. It is a segment of the E major/D Flat minor scale. As written, it will sound more like E major.

Start this exercise at 40 bpm. Try to get up to at least 200bpm. But shoot for 320bpm. This would enable you to do this as sixteenth note triplets at 160bpm.


COVID-19 Data Sites

A lot of you are already watching at least one site that is graphing and otherwise processing COVID-19 data. Here are some of my favorites.

I will update this list as I encounter more.