ASIO4ALL – ASIO Driver for WDM Audio

If you do home recording, you know that many sound cards do not have ASIO drivers.  This software takes care of that problem. 

Cards GM Takes Questions from Fans

In this article from STLToday, the Cardinals GM, John Mozeliak, answers fan questions.  I particularly like this exchange between Mo and a fan going by the name of “I Hate Bill Dewitt!!”:

I Hate Bill Dewitt!!:  Mo, Please describe what it’s like living in your little land of make believe where you honestly believe that Cardinal fans should be excited about this team.  If you wouldn’t mind, go into details, about how in MO’s world people are celebrating are three horrible new lefty relievers, and the signing of our awesome new .213 hitting shortstop.

John Mozeliak: First I rather live in my world then yours…it is sunny out today???  No you’re right it is 30 something degrees, my girl friend dumped me, and my car won’t start.

First, it is not we stink (unless you ask yourself these questions in the mirror) and we make decisions based on scouts, stats, and other information. If we thought Greene was going to hit .213 we would not, I repeat, not make the deal.  Go back to your world and I hope by mid summer you’re ready to come out for air.”

Astros Sign Backe and Byrdak

The Astros have re-signed Brandon Backe and Tim Byrdak to contracts around $1Million.  As much as I love Backe, I’m not sure this is a good move by the ‘stros, but at least it’s a move.