New Music Project

I started working with a new project in December of 2011. We finally have decided on a name. Look for Strange Weapons to invade a filthy bar somewhere near you soon!

Portfolio: Angel Eyes by The Jeff Healey Band

Recorded this for my wife for our eighth anniversary. All instruments, mixing, and mastering was done by me. What do you think?

Elevator Etiquette

This will be a short post, but everyone should read this and take note.

Proper elevator etiquette states that when the elevator opens, if you’re waiting to board, you wait until everyone that is getting off at that floor gets off. As with most etiquette, this has a practical reason. If the elevator is full, you will not be able to board. Also, if you board before anyone gets off, you may block the people wanting to disembark from the elevator from doing so.

So, if you don’t wait, and you get run over by an overweight IT guy, that overweight IT guy isn’t crying for your dumb ass. Just sayin’