Quick Way to Recover from a Broken WordPress Theme

Ever have one of those days where you install a new theme on your WordPress site and now your site is just a blank page? Yep, me too. There’s a quick and easy way to fix it. If you have some other themes installed that you know work (I suggest always having at least one), then you can go to the theme preview URL for that theme. For example, if you have an untouched version of “twentyeleven” on your site, you could go to this URL:


This will take you to the theme preview page for this theme. Click “Save and Activate” at the top, left corner, and you will now be using twentyeleven as your theme. It might not be exactly what you were looking for, but at least you’ll be able to navigate your site and attempt to fix the issues with the other theme.

New Music Project

I started working with a new project in December of 2011. We finally have decided on a name. Look for Strange Weapons to invade a filthy bar somewhere near you soon!